5 Year Camino Game Plan

64 Camino de Santiago
65 Camino Franseca to Rome (Italy) Rome Marathon
66 Camino Jerusalem (from Geneva across France) Geneva
67 Camino Jerusalem (Geneva thru Austria)
68 Camino Jerusalem (Austria to Budapest)
69 Camino Jerusalem (Jordan to Jerusalem)
70 Camino de Santiago (Paris Marathon)
And then retire?

Couple with Marathon Plan
Rome (March 19th) then Camino
Geneva Marathon (May 15th) then Camino
Vienna Marathon April 24th
Petra Desert Marathon (September 3rd) –
Consider a Spring Marathon (Berlin, London, Boston, Barcelona
Paris Marathon (March 3rd)

Paris 2022

Finance with a Cash Advance
Purchase with Capital One Early June
Four Hotels: Hidden Hotel, Tres Colleges, Versailles, Mercury (depending on availability)
Finance in August with a Cash Advance
One of the Responsibilites of Paris for the Holidays:
Is to visit Paris every year (just like “D”)
Little Shop of Horror (Les Petite Boutique des Horror)
Fly Over Economy (Return 1st Class)

Small Desk Bins

Three Black Bins (Black at the Important Ones
Red Alert Papers (Red Tape)
All Material Handling (Current Working Papers)
Current List Folders (What do you call these?) Bills, Running, Exercises

Three Grey Bins
Trinkets: Hygiene, Running, Cords
Trinkets Two: Less Important
Move to Larger Bin
With Phone Bills, Electric Bills, Gas Bills, Etc