Supreme Court

Supreme Court of the United States

Oral Argument

Opera Matinee

Front Row

I enjoy front row seats so much that for me, one front row seat is better than several more remote seats

First Row, almost directly behind the conductor. I might be able to experience the relationship between the conductor and the diva.

If the conductor is tall, he could present an obstruction

For Madama Butterfly, pier giorgio morandi was not too tall. There were no other obstructions, but we were surprised that we were still so far from the stage, with the orchestra pit between us.

Still, it was addictive, it was wonderful. Like a guy in the row behind us said, “You can see their teeth” and sometimes, I even believe you meet their eyes

You do lose a bit in the way of perspective and viewing the total landscape of the stage from an objective distance. But this is an easy trade-off for us. No Question.


Pier Giorgio Morandi

First Class

We’d never flow 1st Class, didn’t seem worth the hype, didn’t have the money

Flew in 2018 with an elderly parent, short trip, wheel chair, easy in and out.

Then this year, we looked at First Class to New York City. It’s a longer trip, less hassle loading and unloading

And despite our inner voice telling us not to act as a “big shot,” we really enjoyed it.

Enjoyed the early boarding
Enjoyed the leg and elbow room
Enjoyed the Champagne and Orange Juice before take-off
Enjoyed the Breakfast with hot towels, linen napkins,
fine china, silverware and crystal
Another Champagne and Orange Juice
And another
And Easy Out at the end of the flight

Then something unexpected happened on the return trip
An a whim, an unexplanable pivot, decided not to run, to hang out at the airport and take the scenic bus.
Spent some time shopping and hanging around

And then, hear an announcement for an earlier flight to Chicago
Walked over to that gate to switch tickets
It would cost $75 to switch (since I wasn’t a member of various “clubs”)
I told them I had a 1st Class Ticket, and that changed things
They didn’t have any available First Class seats, but gave me an assortment of other seats
It happened quite casually

I thought I had forfeited the First Class ticket, but easily justified it – I would be home almost before my original flight left the ground
No Champagne and Orange Juice
No Cheese and Charcuterie Plate which I had arranged in advance
Sitting crammed against a window next to a Wheaton Woman nursing her child
But it was going to be worth it
I caught the CTA train just before it left
There was a Bus waiting for me!

And then a surprize several days later

I am hooked – flying first class
(big smile on my face)

Writing #1 (Cash Flow)

My spending catches up with me, creating a delicate situation at the end of October

Some procrastination, things that could have been accomplished far in advance

But the critical day arrives and Patou negotiates a series of financial manuevers
-direct payment of card
-advance and then shuffling funds

And the banks let him down.
One Credit Card did not make the payment
The second credit card saw two transactions for the same amount to the same account, then flagged and deleted the transaction

A call to the Big Bank explained they couldn’t do anything (and that paying their Credit Cards with their Advance was not allowed (and could be negated or not allowed in the future)

So Monday arrives with disappointment
The payment to the Credit Card rushes through
Although the advance from that same bank, never arrives

Patou’s account with the small-bank is over-drawn
So he calls that bank
They answer the phone and address him by his name
(no Social Security Number or Account Number)

And they may charge him $35 and let it fly

So . . .
Why do you patronize these other Banks?
-Pay $95 to Chase
-Use the Air France Card for mileage and rewards that will never materialize

-American Express
-Capital One Cash Rewards
-Discover Rewards

And Save for Later:
-Bank of America