The Old Man

Ageing More Gracefully

Eyes: Optomitrist and Glasses
Hygiene: Shower & Shave
Hoarder: Garbage, Dishes, Laundry, Buying, Spending
Hair Cut (Potatoes growing out of the ears-and-eyebrows)
Run (The Cure, The Priority, One, Extraordinary, 3Ds)
Chelada and Fireball
The Colon: Physical Examination
Teeth: Dental Hygiene
Work: The Challenge
Spiritual and Social Events (Missing Madre)
Strength and Stretching
Classes: (A Flexible Social Spine)
Swimming: Smooth Muscles, The Weekly Sore of Sinuses
Body and

Fury, Agitation, “it is not fair”

Physical Exam

Eye Exam

Oral Hygiene

White Shoes

Hair Cut

Water Filter

Change Razor Blades

Change Tooth Brush

Take Out the Garbage

Clean the Dishes

Launder the Clothes

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