Tokyo Hotel

What is that smell in the hall (Dead Neighbor)
Fuse would blow, the lights would go out
Fire in the Hole (flaming pudding)
Look Out Below (Falling Beers)
Behind on Rent
Tokyo Kitchen (small refrigerator, hot plate, crockpot (Yogurt Peanut Curry Chicken Thighs)
Scrap the Bed
Computer and Wireless
Low Budget
Beer and Cigarettes
A Public Phone
A Pager
Elevator Operator
Behind the Desk
Room Service (suspended)
Move Out

WYNTD (What you need to do)

What you need to do (vs what you consider to be your priorities)
WYNTD (What you NEED to do
WYWTO What you WANT to do)

The First Big Sweat in the Dark (BSITD)
The First Banana and Bowl of Fiber and BM (BBBM)
Accomplish Something, versus do something (ASDS)
Get Up, Get Out (GUGO) as many times in the day as possible
(don’t defer it, because hours will pass)

Wausau Studio

Media Project
Capture, Preserve, Archive, Document
Traiteur – Cooking (Eggs, Knife Skills, Famous Dishes, Ingredients and Equipment, Bread, Slop)
Education or Documentation (The Painting Project)
Using Adobe
The Computer
The Pirates Journal (The Black Blank Book) BBB
Work Outs
Videos for Brendan (Birthday Brendan)
Develop the Ancestry Project
Paris Series (Year by Year)

The Garden

1) Harvest KALE
2) Capture for Indoors during Winter (Lavender and Geraniums)
3) Some Mulch for the Front Boxes and Flowering Shrubs
4) Gather Greens for Winter Flower Boxes

Harvest: Kale and Herbs
Re-Pot and Capture for Winter
Manage Flowers: Trim Dead Flowers and Feed
Soil Management: Winter Mulch, Trimming and Clean-Up
Shop for Next Season Seeds
Garden Strategy: Which Sunflowers,
Lavender Strategy
Herb Strategy

Color Index