Clean the Nest

A bird analogy
Bird’s don’t clean the nest
Bird Nesting Boxes are cleaned occasionally
Nest is an accepted term for home
Bird Nest
So Clean your home, clean your place, clean up your act
And by year end final attain showpiece status (for the coach house)

Boxes, Bins and Bags

Issues of not being a good house keeper
needing a maid service
having a small complex niche of a place

Throwing it Away
Buying Less
Comparable to Losing Weight
Eating Less, Exercising More
(Less if More) minimalism
White Space

And Clean (Clear) your Mind and Preconceived Notions
The baggage that you carry from living long on this earth
The reluctant to change

To not be the angry old man, but channel wisdom
to be entertained and astounded by change
not always needing to respond

To be at peace
stop fighting

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