12 Pictures

Green Hunter Fleck

On the 20th of each month
starting January 20th
Don the Green Hunter Fleck (Rec Shorts)
and take a picture in front of the mirror

The Gut, The Butt, the Tightness or maybe spare fabric
(the weight, the waist and BMI)

12 Pictures:
January 20th (inaugural)
February 20th (before marathon)
March 20th (after Marathon)
April 20th (training begins, water fountains on)
May 20th (first taste of summer)
June 20th (near first day of Summer)
July 20th (some of the heat of summer)
August 20th (before Triathlon)
September 20th (after Triathlon)
October 20th (before the Marathon) Maybe you wear Green Hunter Fleck in NYC)
November 20th (after the marathon
December 20th (from the Camino)

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