You are what you eat

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

And you are what you don’t eat

Stock Up on Vegetables and Fruits

Brussels Sprouts
Cole Slaw Mix
Celery Salad

Watch the Bread and Beer
The Pork Belly and Cheese
The Pizza and Bagels
Ice Cream

The Late Night Celery Toast
The Celery Toast as an afterthought, as an automatic 2nd course

12 Pictures

Green Hunter Fleck

On the 20th of each month
starting January 20th
Don the Green Hunter Fleck (Rec Shorts)
and take a picture in front of the mirror

The Gut, The Butt, the Tightness or maybe spare fabric
(the weight, the waist and BMI)

12 Pictures:
January 20th (inaugural)
February 20th (before marathon)
March 20th (after Marathon)
April 20th (training begins, water fountains on)
May 20th (first taste of summer)
June 20th (near first day of Summer)
July 20th (some of the heat of summer)
August 20th (before Triathlon)
September 20th (after Triathlon)
October 20th (before the Marathon) Maybe you wear Green Hunter Fleck in NYC)
November 20th (after the marathon
December 20th (from the Camino)

Clean the Nest

A bird analogy
Bird’s don’t clean the nest
Bird Nesting Boxes are cleaned occasionally
Nest is an accepted term for home
Bird Nest
So Clean your home, clean your place, clean up your act
And by year end final attain showpiece status (for the coach house)

Boxes, Bins and Bags

Issues of not being a good house keeper
needing a maid service
having a small complex niche of a place

Throwing it Away
Buying Less
Comparable to Losing Weight
Eating Less, Exercising More
(Less if More) minimalism
White Space

And Clean (Clear) your Mind and Preconceived Notions
The baggage that you carry from living long on this earth
The reluctant to change

To not be the angry old man, but channel wisdom
to be entertained and astounded by change
not always needing to respond

To be at peace
stop fighting


Maybe not total success,
but change and progress


Run every day (Get Up and Get Out, Everyday)
Commute, not only is it good to go into work,
but a regular commute is good fitness
and a Class before Work

Stand on the Scale and Monitor the Weight
Early Swim is a Great Opportunity
Up and In the Pool Early
A Warm Show and Show your Progress on the Scale
The Magic Spin Class

Not so much time reclining
Do something else, but don’t do nothing
You stall-out like an airplane (losing momentum)
Minimize the Zero
The 3:00 Walk
The PM Class

Clean the Nest
Change Habits
A little time each day
An end of year Showpiece

Green Hunter Fleck
Motivation and Mantra
(Hunter Green)
Improve Manners
Fighting the Schiele Log
Reading and Writing


Clean the Nest


Green Hunter Fleck
Rec Shorts – 5″ Lined
Green Hunter Fleck Rec Shorts
(Monthly Pictures)

Use the Scale, the Green Hunter Images and the Mirror

Swim and Scale
(Watching the Weight)

You are what you eat (and drink)
The Bread that you love and the artistry and baking
Delicious Cheleda
Pork Belly, Cheese, Sausage, Pizza, Spam
The Bagel and Ice Cream

Regular Activity (vs Sloth) (vs “Zeroes”)