Bank Busters (Budget)

Large Expenditures which Bust the Bank

Spring Marathon

Spring New York Trip

Dual Fall Marathons

Triple Challenge

Christmas Travel

Eating Cardboard (Too Many Tickets)
Especially evening concerts in the winter

Alliance Francaise, Sling, Babbel, Amazon Music,
Is it even working?

Occasional Expenses that may be worth it:
1st Class Travel to New York City (when you fly first class, you don’t need a rewards card)

1st Row at the Opera (once-a-year Saturday Matinee, right behind the conductor
a transforming experience
You can see their teeth, You can see the Conductor sweat, as the bottom margin of his hairline is saturated
A glimpse into the orchestra pit
Actually they are not uncomfortably close, the singers are on the opposite side of the orchestra pit

Hotel Suites instead of Hotel Rooms
(sometimes the marginal cost is only marginal)

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