Opera Matinee

Front Row

I enjoy front row seats so much that for me, one front row seat is better than several more remote seats

First Row, almost directly behind the conductor. I might be able to experience the relationship between the conductor and the diva.

If the conductor is tall, he could present an obstruction

For Madama Butterfly, pier giorgio morandi was not too tall. There were no other obstructions, but we were surprised that we were still so far from the stage, with the orchestra pit between us.

Still, it was addictive, it was wonderful. Like a guy in the row behind us said, “You can see their teeth” and sometimes, I even believe you meet their eyes

You do lose a bit in the way of perspective and viewing the total landscape of the stage from an objective distance. But this is an easy trade-off for us. No Question.


Pier Giorgio Morandi

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