Saigon Sisters

I went in for a quick bowl of pho or maybe some buns

But ended up with a Credit Card Charge of $32.20

It was probably worth it

I order a (Tiger) Beer
(small bottle, fit in one glass, you didn’t need more)

He recommended the Belly
(so I ordered the Bahn Mi)
But should I have ordered the Steamed Buns
(I appreciated the “heft” of the baguette)

Then he suggested Shrimp Rolls
(I declined)
He asked again
(I accepted)
But it was very impressive, well wrapped, lots of shrimp and good peanut sauce

Maybe you can afford it

And make the committment to the play

Steppenwolf (a good salad)
Shakespeare (a good sandwich)

Bring your own
Pick Up a Great Sandwich some where and eat at public table

Be careful, it will make you sleepy