Triple Challenge (2019)

Gut Check
Clean Up Your Act

No Lake Training
-Although eventually, lake swims were cancelled due to a combination of high water levels and strong east winds, blowing into shore

Purchased Pedal Clips, but installed them very late
-First Used them on Race Day
-Even Fell Down on LSD while turning in chip

You are Old (and will probably get older)
Remember the 73 year old female participant

You are Fat
(Look at Race Photos)

You are Improperly Trained
(Tapering Early on a Whim)

You enjoyed it thoroughly

The Whole Process and Excitement

And really know how to do it:
Early Friday Expo, but not before it opens
Arriving a Super Sprint, not too early
Long Wait After Super Spring (be prepared)
Triathlon Day (I love the early morning set-up)

How to finish:
* A Better Bike
* Lake Swim Training (Wet Suit)
* Lose the Weight
* Train Regularly and Properly

Lose the Weight (and finish the run)

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