Resist the Pivot
(when you make intelligent plans, than pull a U-Turn at the last minute)

Zeros, Excuses and Pivots

We all have plans
Big Plans, sometimes too many plans

And then we change plans and Pivot

We make an excuse, which we are good at

Sometimes we pivot to Zero and do nothing

Sometimes Zeros accumulate because they travel together
(and afterwards, we wonder “What Happened” to our plans)

Pivots can be good
Opportunities Arise
Listen to the Body
You recognize opportunities as they arise


Pivot Problems

Changing Short Term Plans

Changing your mind

Changing your plans

Usually cancelling an activity
(not doing something which was part of a constructive activities)

Not Going into Work
Not Running
Not Swimming
Not Biking
Eating Cardboard
Making today a Zero

And before you know it you have changed your Long Term Plans
and jeopardized your success for a major accomplishment


You are what you eat
-Brillat Savarin

Oh, the unproductive things that you put in your body
(and oftentimes it may be accompanied by some sloth)

Predictably, one day someone comments on your impressive girth

Be Increasing aware of:

Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life
Be careful what you say, because it is not far from what you do
Fill your head with positive thoughts
(Clear your thoughts of negative for other productive and productive endeavors)

Be careful what you stock in the refrigerator,
because that is what you will end up eating eventually

Peanut Butter
Red Meat and Sausage
Ice Cream
Spam (Why do you think they call it spam?)