Morning Man (it is a Secret World)
Walk out into the Dark and Cold of the Camino
Hike under the Moon thru the Dawn

Mustard Lover (and proud owner of a mustard pot)
(mustard on anything, mustard on everything, lots of mustard, extra mustard, mustard on your shirt)

Bike, No Car

Carpe Diem Make Every Day Extraordinary

A Marathon Every Year (whether you finish or not)
It is the journey that is important, not the (disappointing) destination

Simplicity easy, beauty, purity, or clarity

Renaissance Man (many talents and areas of knowledge)

Instant Coffee The logic being, if you drink a basic coffee every day, then when you have something different, you will know it

A Southern Kitchen, the heat and smell removed from the house
(or a Garage Kitchen)
Grilling a Steak, Grilling a Pizza, Cooking some Garbanzos)

Library (more books than you can read)

The Artists Studio (a room equipped for creativity and creation)
Supplies and Equipment
An Artist on Retainer

To Give and Give and never expect reciprocation or reply
The Spectacular “Box of Crap”

To perform acts of kindness and not expect a Thank You

To Yield, To Yield in some many ways
When in doubt, yield

To always remember to Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Ears
When in doubt, Shut Your Mouth
Don’t Respond, Write a Draft to view later and see how Silly you can be

A Genius Table

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