pouce et quatre doigts

Thumb and Four Fingers

Thumb and Four Fingers

What is important
What makes us complete

un deux trois quatre cinq

un (one)
A Renaissance Life (with expertise spaning a significant number of various subject areas)
Planning and Logistics (A full rounded, agressive experience)
It is about the Journey (not just the destination)

deux (two)
Big Ideas
Creativity and Personal Development (having a plan to maximise the man)
Lofty and Agressive Goals (aiming for a balance of substance over form)

trois (three)
The Body (feeding it, exercising it, appreciating it, challenging it, improving the total being) Including Spirituality with a strong appreciation of Gratitude

quatre (four)
Carpe Diem (Seizing the Day, the pleasures and opportunities of the moment – appreciated over fear of the future)
To Laugh and be Joyous
The Journey being more important the destination, experiences which build toward a greater future
Ever present of Gratitude and the good things that have happened, taking nothing for granted

cinq (five)
Riding the Waves of Change,
To Grow and Improve over the passage of time
To Understand and have empathy
Realizing that the world changes, not resisting this

six (six)
In search of happiness
Reducing stress
Living a spiritual life
Being a good person with a concern and empathy for others
Not asking for thanks
Do a good turn daily

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