A Good Slop

We commonly call tonight’s stew as the slop
It is not pretty, it is always better the next day
Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad
And sometimes I don’t know why

Tuesday, February 26th (A Good Slop)
Always start with an onion
Usually I add the tough part of the vegetables (stems and stalks) but didn’t have any
I added the remainder of Frozen Chicken Breast (large pieces, cooked, boned skinned)
Added a potato that was going bad (but prefer a sweet potato or rutabega)
Added Quinoa and Amaranth (I usually add a variety of lentils, barley and farro)
Added water to cover when things begin to stick to the bottom of the pan
(although I usually use homemade chicken stock which I am so proud of)
When everything was cooked through I added a packaged frozen cooked seafood assortment and frozen peas and corn
And as usual I added Za’atar, a packaged seasoning of roasted wheat, roasted thyme, ground sumac, sesame seeds and salt (sprinkled liberal over the top)
And it was a good slop. I enjoyed the chicken (even though I was just chicken breast) the potatoes and corn. I could feel the texture of the seafood.
Overall, it as a good slop.

The Onion

It all starts with the onion.

Create Onion Match Sticks:
-Slice of the ends (the root and stem)
-Score the Skins and remove the outer skin (a vertical cut, end to end)
-Cut the Onion in Half, A Cut from Pole to Pole (not along the equator, end to end)
So when you look at the onion you will curved leaves curving from end to end
(if you see a series of concentric rings, like the age rings on a tree, then you cut the wrong way)
-Place an onion half on the cutting board and slice as thinly as possible vertically, from end to end
(this will produce slivers of onion the same length, if it produces onion-rings, you did it wrong)
You have created thin onion sticks

Throw this in the pot first thing to start any braise with tough items that need long cooking (Kale stems, Asparagus Stems, Cauliflower Cores, Jalepeno Peppers)


Cover with Vinegar to Pickle


Rinse in water (maybe a splash of vinegar) to add to salads