A Good Run


Norm McDonald’s great interview show on Netflix with Jane Fonda (also great interview with Drew Barrymore) revealed that at 80, is now the same age as her father Henry when he filmed “On Golden Pond”

I tell my contemporaries of this, and they have never seen “On Golden Pond,” which puzzles me.

Anyway, Jane says that the reason that she looks attractive and alert compared to Henry (who in truth was playing the part of an old man losing his memory) is fitness. Taking care of your body and your mind.

Quality of Life
Sense of Well Being

We notice that what we gain from Marathon (26.2 Mile) Training is the ability to run a great, fun and enjoyable 10K (6.2 Miles)

Although we seldom finish the 26.2 race, we certainly benefit from the training, fit-in-our-pants, sleep well, have a sense of accomplishment, etc. When we run in the morning, there is a sense of accomplishment and well being.

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