A Good Stew

The challenge is to not create a pot of “mud”
(not like a “bad painting,” where you combine vibrant colors, but end up with a muddy brown hue)

A Good Stew is a collaboration of ingredients, with each component identifiable
So you cook some things separately
and you add some ingredients late

Beans and Rice
Garbanzos and Brown Rice

Greens and Grains
-Farro, Barley, Amaranth, Quinoa

Some Spices and a Crumbled Chipolte
-Corriander, Cumin, Cayenne Pepper

A Sauté of Vegetables
-maybe the hard stems of asparagus (reserving the tender tips)
-maybe the peeled stems of broccoli (reserving the florets)
-the stems of greens such as kale

Preserving integrity of ingredients and not over-cooking

Use of Stock

Big Pieces of vegetables
-a large piece of rutabaga
-sweet potato
-tender tips and florets

Some Meat
-chewy piece of skirt steak
-lamb shoulder or stew or meat-on-sale
-large pieces of poached chicken, marinated
-frozen seafood stew mix
-frozen raw shrimp

Frozen Corn or Peans
Sliced Mushrooms

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